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  • Photo entries will be accepted from August 15, 2023 through November 30, 2023. Any photos submitted before or after these dates will not be accepted.

  • Finalists will be picked by Bone Heads Staff for each category.

  • Voting will begin in December of 2023, and the winners will be announced in January of 2024.

  • Winners will be contacted via the email provided in the submission in January.

  • All entries must be submitted by following the QR code or the link on the Bone Heads website.

  • Photos must be approved prior to public posting by Bone Heads Staff.

  • Inappropriate photos or photos that do not meet requirements, deemed by Bone Heads Staff, can be denied.

  • All big game species accepted.

  • No limit on entries, but only one photo per animal harvested will be accepted.

  • Only photos from the 2023 hunting season will be accepted. Finalists may be required to show proof of a punched tag.

  • Name and State required on all photos submitted.

  • Person who harvested the animal must be in the picture.

  • No location restrictions (must be US citizen).

  • Bone Heads reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or eliminate the contest or its contestants for any reason we deem fit. 


By submitting your photo, you give all rights to Bone Heads to use on social media and contest pages.

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